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Next At Bat Podcast

Ladyfriend (2) | Next At Bat: Episode Sixty Seven

Ladyfriend (Beth K. Gibbs, Jen van Kaam, and Becky Wilkinson Hauser) comes back after two years to redo the podcast, and add some swears. They discuss the balance between practice and dedication, and just going out and having fun, and comment on current trends … [Read More]

NVK Ep 6 Drawing

Clams to Share | Nixon vs Kennedy : Episode 06

Warning: This episode contains brief spoilers for movies that are over 40 years old. If you've been meaning to watch the "Classic Film" section of Netflix, we suggest you get on that and then come back for some hilarious and topical comedy! Sharing is an … [Read More]

Jurassic Park

Jurassic Park | Totes Recall: Episode 13

Hold onto your butts! We watched Steven Spielberg's action dino flick, Jurassic Park (1993). It was hard for any of us to forget the T. rex or Jeff Goldblum's performance, but what about the presence of pterodactyls or Samuel L. Jackson? … [Read More]