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Regret Labs Podcast

State of the Podcast | Regret Labs: Mini Episode

With a few episodes under their belt, Levi and Aric take a look back at their podcast experiment and see how things are working so far. Fact retention, failure, success, confidence, and non sequiturs are your rewards for listening to this episode with your ears. … [Read More]

Silence of the Lambs Featured

The Silence of the Lambs | Totes Recall: Episode 4

Happy Halloween from Totes Recall! To celebrate the spooky times, the crew recalls The Silence of the Lambs (1991). They remember Buffalo Bill dancing like a Harlem Globetrotter. Molly remembers a moment of levity. And they each predict their number one creep … [Read More]

Regret Labs Podcast

Chemistry | Regret Labs: Episode 4

Brad Hauser teaches us all about chemistry, metal-organic frameworks, and windowless white vans on this Regret Labs podcast episode. In fact, have you ever spent time wondering how black light posters work? Or glow in the dark stickers? Or why gold is such a … [Read More]