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Foodborne Illness | Regret Labs: Episode 5

Just in time for Thanksgiving, otherwise known as Undercooked Turkey Day, Regret Labs and food scientist Lainey Black take you through the wonderful world of foodborne illness and food poisoning. Learn all about why you shouldn't eat sprouts, what kind of diarrhea E. coli 157 will give you, why everyone in on a cruise ship is getting the norovirus, how to summon the elder god … [Read More]


Grease | Totes Recall: Episode 5

In a very special episode of Totes Recall, the crew recalls a film three of them have seen, and one of them only knows from pop culture references: Grease (1978). Linden talks about using the movie to gain friends, Molly defends Sandra D., and everyone gains … [Read More]


The Beginning | Nixon vs Kennedy : Episode 01

Welcome to Episode 1 of Nixon vs. Kennedy. We’re a Minneapolis based sketch comedy podcast group of some really attractive people. In this episode we look for our country’s armed forces, make out a lot, and realize that we’re badly injured.Nixon vs … [Read More]