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Totes Recall | Next At Bat: Episode Fifty Nine

The cast of Totes Recall (Dan Linden, Beth Gibbs, Dan Jaquette, and Molly Chase) discuss their roles in the production of the podcast and its surprisingly in depth consideration of the nature of memory. Through trying to remember a movies they've all seen, … [Read More]


Ted Moore | Twin Cities Song Story: Episode 13

Ted more is a sound designer and composer who thrives in punctuating stillness and tension. His work manipulates live instrumental performance and recordings with software through written processor effects. In this month's podcast Ted Moore talks about his … [Read More]

Blomprov | Next At Bat: Episode Fifty Eight

In this episode we recorded over a year ago, Carolyn and Michael Blomberg discuss performing together as the no-existing group, Blomprov (aka A-blom-bastic, aka Four Non-Bloms, aka etc.) for the last twenty-some years, though never for a paying audience. … [Read More]