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The Adventures of Tim, Troy & Damian | Next At Bat: Episode Fifty Seven

Tim Hellendrung, Troy Zimmerman and Damian Johnson of The Adventures of Tim, Troy & Damian discuss how their ComedySportz short form improv background is the key to their heightening skills. They explore the progression of working together in various groups before Jill Bernard informed them that the form they stumbled on was in fact the […]

"Coming up next in the Town Hall Presidential Debate is the Swim Suit competition. Right after the break"

APPocalypse | Nixon vs Kennedy : Episode 04

In a futuristic wasteland, society has been divided into 2 different factions: those who are alive and those who are dead. And then there's a third faction I forgot to mention that is made up of robots. Sexy Robots. The year: who knows? The month: who's … [Read More]

The Local Music Scene | Next At Bat: Episode Fifty Six

The Local Music Scene (Alex Collyard, Caroline Hitt, Erik Nielsen, Will Roberts and our own Philip Simondet (unfortunately Gubby Kubik, Luke Gonnella, Jeff Gyllen and Ali Rose couldn't join us)) to explain the how their early shows performing Saturday mornings … [Read More]