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Sheppard & Linden | Next At Bat: Episode Sixty Three

Erin Sheppard and Dan Linden of Sheppard & Linden (never Linden & Sheppard) talk about how important branding is while Philip and Matt (never Matt and Philip) argue over billing order. They also discuss how their form allows them to be open to exploring … [Read More]


Tom Oszman | Stewed Media Podcast: Episode 39

It was truly our please to sit and chat history with Tom from TC Media Now! Recorded in the back room of The Nicollet Diner, Tom explained to us how his passion for taping old tv programming as a kid morphed into posting and collecting old local newscasts. … [Read More]

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World War FUN! | Nixon vs Kennedy : Episode 05

Life is full of misunderstandings. You might give someone the false impression that they're an interesting person, or you misinterpret what actually constitutes theft. Perhaps it's something as simple as asking your wife to pick up bread from the store, but … [Read More]