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Photo by Matthew Foster

Sandbox Theatre | Twin Cities Song Story: Episode 5

Sandbox Theatre's Killer Inside  is being billed as their own take on a Musical. This is the first time the group has incorporated music from the start of  their idea-generating process. Theo Langason, Sandbox Ensemble Member, and Derek Trost talk about the song 'I'll Be Your Monster' and how it evolved as it passed through the hands and voices of the Sandbox ensemble. Killer … [Read More]

Regret Labs Podcast

Chemistry | Regret Labs: Episode 4

Brad Hauser teaches us all about chemistry, metal-organic frameworks, and windowless white vans on this Regret Labs podcast episode. In fact, have you ever spent time wondering how black light posters work? Or glow in the dark stickers? Or why gold is such a … [Read More]

Mark Sweeney discusses The Unknown Matters

Mark Sweeney | Twin Cities Song Story: Episode 4

It's Episode 4! Time sure has flown. Let's get a general idea as to why I'm doing this Podcast. Then I talk to Mark Sweeney about his song 'A Matter of Time' from his musical The Unknown Matters.  It's a musical about dark matter, exo-planets, working … [Read More]