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Horseface | Next At Bat: Episode Forty Eight

Horseface (Nate Morse, Janelle Blasdel, and Matt Prindle) joins us for our first "clip" episode (sort of). They discuss evolving from a duo into a trio, the importance of a group's spirit song, messing with each other on stage, physical warm ups, and their form "chasing the butterfly." Also, we discover that Satan is a singing dog named Sparky.Follow Horseface on Facebook … [Read More]

Collyard/Nelson | Next At Bat: Episode Forty Seven

Alex Collyard, Cody Nelson, and Sami Martin of Collyard/Nelson discuss the development of their show and characters. They talk about silent partners, the role of tech in improv shows, and the unique dynamic of their on- (and off-) stage banter. They also … [Read More]

Ep.26 Uncle Rog 2

Uncle Rog | Stewed Media Podcast: Episode 26

The Iceman gets Ink'd!! We had a really nice chat with Uncle Rog of the Gun's N Needles tattoo shop in Uptown Minneapolis. Rog shared his wealth of knowledge when it comes to Art, pain and not wearing pants very often. The whole episode is taped while the … [Read More]