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Jonah and the Whale

Jonah and The Whale | Twin Cities Song Story: Episode 8

David Darrow and Blake Thomas sit down after a long rehearsal to talk about 'The Wandering Wondering' from Jonah and the Whale: A New Musical. They wrote the song when faced with the challenge to develop a character after her death.Thomas comes from a more traditional folk songwriter background and is continually discovering new ways to compliment story with his music. … [Read More]

Regret Labs Podcast

Foodborne Illness | Regret Labs: Episode 5

Just in time for Thanksgiving, otherwise known as Undercooked Turkey Day, Regret Labs and food scientist Lainey Black take you through the wonderful world of foodborne illness and food poisoning. Learn all about why you shouldn't eat sprouts, what kind of … [Read More]

Beaverdace! at Bedlam Theatre

Beaverdance! | Twin Cities Song Story: Episode 7

Beaverdance! A Marxist Holiday Fur Trading Musical returns to Bedlam Theatre this holiday season after premiering in 2009. This time around the show has five new songs. In this episode composer Marya Hart and lyricist Dan Pinkerton talk about 'One Click … [Read More]