The Silence of the Lambs | Totes Recall: Episode 4

Silence of the Lambs Featured

Happy Halloween from Totes Recall! To celebrate the spooky times, the crew recalls The Silence of the Lambs (1991). They remember Buffalo Bill dancing like a Harlem Globetrotter. Molly remembers a moment of levity. And they each predict their number one creep time. Podcast: Play in new window | Download | Embed

S2E3 | Justina Cegelski, Gubby Kubik, Bradley Machov | Cold Read


Whoa! Something happened to episode 3! It seems our normal feed was disrupted by a feed from an alternate dimension, broadcasting a different version of the Cold Read Podcast where Max Maliga is Alex’s co-host. Listen, as Gubby mists, Bradley bits, and Justina lists! And Jeff meets some new friends in the latest addition of TRAoJ. […]

Chemistry | Regret Labs: Episode 4

Regret Labs Podcast

Brad Hauser teaches us all about chemistry, metal-organic frameworks, and windowless white vans on this Regret Labs podcast episode. In fact, have you ever spent time wondering how black light posters work? Or glow in the dark stickers? Or why gold is such a good conductor of electricity? You can stop wondering! That, and how Grey Poupon is like electrons, are all discussed!

Mark Sweeney | Twin Cities Song Story: Episode 4

Mark Sweeney discusses The Unknown Matters

Let’s get a general idea as to why I’m doing this Podcast. Then I talk to Mark Sweeney about his song ‘A Matter of Time’ from his musical The Unknown Matters. It’s a musical about dark matter, exo-planets, working relationships and a lot of waiting for results.

S2E2 | Mandy Sellers, Adrianne Gagnon, Erin Goldsmith | guest writer Laura Salvas | Cold Read

Cold Read Podcast Episode 2 Season 2

On the second episode of season 2 of Cold Read, Gubby and Alex wipe the blood of the Vancougars off their hands and take on some Torontosaurses. Mandy mementos Erin, Erin rap battles Adrianne, and Adrianne redoes high-school. Also, Jeff meets his mother(s) in the second edition of The Reluctant Adventures of Jeff. On this episode, everyone is […]