State of the Podcast | Regret Labs: Mini Episode

Regret Labs Podcast

With a few episodes under their belt, Levi and Aric take a look back at their podcast experiment and see how things are working so far.

S2E4 | Aric McKeown, Jane White, Sidney Oxborough | Cold Read


On the fourth episode of Cold Read season 2, Aric reveals why his voice is so so sexy, Jane explores the world of cartoon weaponry, and Sid gets take out. Also, Gubby plays Jeff as Jeff is replaced by Walker Martin (for this episode, at least). We hope you like Ansel Adams! He makes books that only […]

Sandbox Theatre | Twin Cities Song Story: Episode 5

Photo by Matthew Foster

Sandbox Theatre’s Killer Inside is being billed as their own take on a Musical. This is the first time the group has incorporated music from the start of their idea-generating process. Theo Langason, Sandbox Ensemble Member, and Derek Trost talk about the song ‘I’ll Be Your Monster’ and how it evolved as it passed through the hands and voices of the Sandbox ensemble.

The Silence of the Lambs | Totes Recall: Episode 4

Silence of the Lambs Featured

Happy Halloween from Totes Recall! To celebrate the spooky times, the crew recalls The Silence of the Lambs (1991). They remember Buffalo Bill dancing like a Harlem Globetrotter. Molly remembers a moment of levity. And they each predict their number one creep time.

S2E3 | Justina Cegelski, Gubby Kubik, Bradley Machov | Cold Read


Whoa! Something happened to episode 3! It seems our normal feed was disrupted by a feed from an alternate dimension, broadcasting a different version of the Cold Read Podcast where Max Maliga is Alex’s co-host. Listen, as Gubby mists, Bradley bits, and Justina lists! And Jeff meets some new friends in the latest addition of TRAoJ. […]